• The Fall Series, ‘Indigenous Disruptions and Re-learning’ presented by Dr. Ruth Koleszar-Green:

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  • Len & Mary Friesen are leading a trip to Russia in May 2020. For more information please go to our ETC page & look under ‘Handouts’.

2019-20 Season


Fall 2019

Indigenous Disruptions and Re-learning

The story of Canada has been one sided for a long time. The history that is taught does not tell the whole story. As a storyteller, I want to share a few tales, spin a few yards of yarn, and disrupt the taken for granted narratives of Canada.

Since time immemorial, Indigenous nations have lived on the territories now known as Canada; however, many Canadians do not understand the relationships between the country and Indigenous Nations. I do not want to engage in ‘ancient history’ so I will start with the year  I left this beautiful town to start my education in the ‘city’. Over the past 24 years there have been attempts to understand and build better relations. Starting with a cursory glance at the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, this workshop series will guide participants in understanding their individual and collective responsibilities to Truth, Information and Reconciliation.

Presented by

Dr. Ruth Koleszar-Green ( Mohawk)

Winter 2020

Winter Medley

Local residents present lectures on: Women in Firefighting, a Journey from City to Farm, the Captivating Power of Storms, The Wreck of the S.S. Waubuno and other marine disasters of Georgian Bay, and Saints and Sinners: The Story of Owen Sound, Canada’s Last Dry City.

Presented by

Mary Hindle, Patricia Campbell,

David T. Chapman, Jamie Hunter, & Richard Thomas

Spring 2020

The Mongolian Chronicles –

Eagles, Demons & Empires

This lecture series is based on Allen Smutylo’s recent travels to Mongolia. The talks will include excerpts from his new book, other written accounts, historical research, avian biology, original artwork, a full-length film, photographs (personal and historic), and creative musings.

Presented by

Allen Smutylo