2018-19 Series


Fall 2018

God, Genius and the Great Composers: 

A Look at the Timeless Music of 5 Great Composers

This course explores the phenomenon of creative genius through the lives, the attitudes and the timeless music of 5 great composers: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Bruckner.

Presented by

Tom Plewman

Winter 2019

Beauty and Belief:

Art and Philosophy in Eastern Cultures

Beauty and Belief is an exploration of the connections between art and spirituality in South and East Asia, mainly within Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It investigates the creation and symbolism of religious art and its use in community and private practice. Along the way, the series explores a variety of art forms including ritual objects, paintings, sacred space, poetry, and other media, uncovering the intriguing links between art, ritual, philosophy, and spirituality. 

Presented by

Patricia Campbell, PhD

Spring 2019

The Russian Century 1917-2017

Revolutions without End

This course introduces the main events and characters of that remarkable century.  It will pay close attention to Russian popular culture and the connection (or lack thereof) between Soviet society (people like you and me) and the Soviet state.  In particular, the course questions whether depictions of a totalitarian Soviet police state and a terrorized and brutalized society are helpful when it comes to understanding that remarkable part of the world.  Lastly, this course will stress the endurance of a truly remarkable Russian culture over time, one that the mightiest of rulers could not fully control.

Presented by

Leonard G. Friesen


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